More Details about the Calcium chloride

We procure high-grade Calcium Chloride from reliable and authentic sources of the market. The powder is an ionic compound prepared by chemical reaction of chlorine and calcium. Moreover, it is a deliquescent compound which can dissolve in water very well. Formulated using high grade base material, it is widely used in several processes and operations related to industrial applications. Calcium Chloride aggressively absorbs moisture from the air, first causing a swelling of the crystals. If the air is humid enough and the temperature is high enough, the crystals melt and liquid saline solution brine) is formed.

It works well over a temperature range from freezing up to 100C or more. At low temperature the salt does not absorb moisture under dry conditions. In practical terms calcium chloride desiccants are effective at Relative Humidity above 20-30%, but are relatively more effective under moist conditions.

Calcium Chloride is mainly used :

for ice and snow removal
in oil-well drilling and as dehydrant in petrochemical industry
in dust control and removal (coal dust, mine dust, etc.)
as an accelerator for concrete and as a solidifying agent in paint production
as a desiccant for moisture proofing
as a coagulant in rubber industry
as a chloridizing agent and additive in metallurgy (ferrous)
as an additive in paper industry and de-inking of recycled paper
as an SO4 - removing agent and as a coagulant for sodium alginate in chemical industry
in a refrigeration industry
as a preservative agent for food and anti-rot treatment agent for wheat, fruits and vegetables
in a dye production and in printing industry

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